How to digitize a drawing with a transparent background?


What if I wanted to use a drawing for an image on a graphics program on my computer and have the image have no background so I can use it in various ways.

Are there particular background removal applications that are good enough to just remove the background and not part of the image, or not leaves splotches around it?

I realize that if the drawing was a landscape that would probably not create a problem, but something like a circle would have a see through background.


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Hi @paulw I use the full version of photoshop which can remove a background in a couple of clicks! I’m not sure if the Elements version of photoshop can do it as easily. I’m sure there are other apps that would be able to accomplish it. Maybe someone will chime in.

Good luck!

Hi Brenda!

I forget the name of the on-line one I keep having to look up that does a good job. PS and PSE are good too but I keep going back to that one for some reason.

But for something detailed with lots of white space in the nooks and crannies behind the image, there always seems to be something left that needs to be done by hand with the pixel brush for the most part.

I always wondered how professional artists get their work ready for print or web.



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Hi @paulw - I believe there is a way to do this in Photoshop, but depending how complex it is you may need advanced skills with the software. The resulting photo modification would be saved as a .png file so that the transparent parts would remain.

Ben Wilmore is a Photoshop Hall of Famer and has taught how to use the software for years. The last class of his that I purchased was from Creative Live, but it was years ago. I think his current web site is but I did not check it out any more than that.

Hope this information is helpful.

Terri Robichon

Thanks Terri. Mostly just curious.

I use my iPhone to make a “sticker” of a picture and paste it and edit in an app called Pic Collage. Link:

I’ve used it for years to make little cards and stuff for kids at work, before I ever learned how to draw. It’s simple and can be very useful even if very simple. Here’s a pixabay picture that I made a sticker with my phone then pasted on a free style template on Pic Collage to try different color backgrounds or you can even over impose on another picture


I keep forgetting my phone will do the sticker thing! LOL!!! Love the flowers.



Hi Sonia. You constantly amaze me with all the things you know how to do.

Terri Robichon

Okay! Looks great! New to me.