Hummingbird (course)

Today I tried the hummingbird from the “3 little birds with coloured pencils” course.

I used Derwent Procolour on Pastelmat.


Lovely! What are Derwent Procolour?


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This is wonderful, Great job.

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Thank you!
Derwent Procolour are coloured pencils. (Sorry, should have mentioned that!)

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Great! Procolors are wax-based, right? To me, the finished blending seems to be a touch too white-waxy, if you understand, what I mean, but maybe it is just my screen that changes the colors too much.

Anyhow - I love the litte humming bird,
Thanks for sharing,

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Thanks. It might be the actual photo, because the Pastelmat looks pretty pale on the photo when in reality it’s dark blue/grey. I’ve only just bought the Procolour pencils and I was surprised how bright they look on a dark background. I’m pretty much a beginner and I’m trying out different materials on different backgrounds.

Great job! I especially like the eye. I’m getting ready to start this little hummingbird, too…thinking of using black watercolor paper (300gsm) by Legion or perhaps PastelMat. I’ll be using Polychromos & Prismacolor Premier since I don’t have Cd’A Luminance in those colors. Love your hummingbird :slightly_smiling_face: