Ink line and wash drawing

Here’s a drawing I finished a couple of weeks ago from one of Matt’s older lessons. I did both the “lines” and the “wash” with ink. Not my usual style, but I really had fun with it.

Terri Robichon


I like that a lot!!


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This is great. I love it.

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Nice job! I saw this in the multi-media course and was going to try it but like I do so many things forgot.

You did a really nice job as usual. It is nice to have you back and active.


Thanks Teri for the kind and supportive words. I missed this group, and you.

Thanks Denise. It’s great how you always have a few kind words to share with all of us.

Terri Robichon

I want to see the essay or poem that this illustrates. “Thought arising from chaos” “Awakening Wisdom”. It is so evocative I can’t help making up titles.

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Nice work! Love the tones, colours and the not quite finished look. It conveys the subjects mood really well.

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Thanks Janet. It was a fun lesson.