Learning to change less dominant hand

I am having to learn how to use my less dominant hand and would like to know if anone else has had to do this? I have ‘essential tremors’ and it affects my right hand mostly and has made me try to do most things with my left hand. I’ve been successful learning how to eat left-handed to the point I can no longer eat right-handed. Most times using my right hand helps when drawing except for detailed work. I paint with both hands and that is something I can do permanently as it is.

I’ve not been able to teach myself how to write something or sign my name to things such as a check or filling out a form. My signature is nothing like ir was when I was younger, not even just 5 years ago. When I try to use my left hand it is slow and I am trying to start over by printing my name instead of writing it in cursive.

Have any of you had to learn with your less dominant had due to an illness or trauma? Thanks

Lenora Andre (ArtistLittleNora a/k/a lilnora)

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I’ve read that the way you hold it when writing can be useful. So if you can mimic the way you hold it with your right hand, but in your left hand, that could help? :smile:

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Thank ou, I’d like to watch my sister who is left-handed, but she broke her up near her shoulder and is trying to learn many of the same right-handed. One thing I know is that when my Mother realize she was left-handed she had a friend who taught her how to write properly, holding paper opposite than a right-handed person. I see what you mean by doing things if I use a mirror too see what I should do because when I’d look in the mirror I could mimic what I sw there. I’ll try that. Thanks.

Lenora André

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I have in the past. I print, do cursive, and draw with non dominant hand from time to time. It is because I had three hand surgeries. (Broken hand. Ripped tendon. Clipped removed.).

I would suggest use charcoal and chalk pastels, standing up, using whole arm until you get better control.

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Also, I switched to fountain pens, specifically the LAMY Safari because of the triangle grip. I would use a calligraphy nib (1.1 or bigger). It made my handwriting look nicer.

If you can find a chisel marker, it might help, that way, too, but they are usually huge and hard to hold.

If this route seems difficult, look into using a golf pencil. Sounds weird, but used by occupational therapists in a program called “handwriting without tears” to teach persons to write.

I hope that is helpful.
If you need help finding fountain pen,
Let me know.

Thank you, I will look and see if I can find one at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Those are the only ‘art’ stores in town. Lenora Andre