Non dominant hand

Hi I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my dominant hand. How do I develop the ability to draw with my non dominant hand?

Hi Skip,

I had severe Carpal Tunnel in both hands. They have pills now you can take, I think they run for 6 days. I took them, about 2 years later I had to retake, but it’s been about 5 or 6 years now and I haven’t any signs of CarpalTunnel. You might look into that.

As to working with your other hand, I can only think to practice.

You should try drawing from your shoulder. Lock your wrist somehow (a brace?). You might have to draw in lesser details at first. If you choose to draw with your non-dominant hand you will find it really hard at first and you probably won’t like it but boy, you’ll see such an improvement with your drawing once you get back to your dominant hand! Either way, it’s a great opportunity to expand. It’s just going to be hard for a little while.

I have ‘essential tremors’ and probably some carpal tunnel in both hands. My wrists hurt after painting. Do you think the medication would help? What is the name of it, so I can ask my MD about it. I don’t think the meds would help because it is so far gone. I am wondering if a wrist sling would help. I saw online (maybe a medical supply site) something I was thinking of buying and it had a pad and something like wires connected to each finger. If I find it, I will share it with you. I’ll look on the Internet tomorrow. lilnora (“Lenora)”

I have used my less dominate hand and it is hard to do. Especially, when eating. But my hand don’t shake quite as bad. I have not tried it too often to do it for other things. I use it when painting. The shaking in my hands when drawing in pencil is almost a good thing.