Colored pencils = sore wrist

I just finished the lesson in the colored pencil course that involves drawing a green cube. My wrist is aching. I knew colored pencils would be a lot of hard work, but the heavy pressure was more stressful than I realized. And this was to draw a small green cube!

Now I’m not so sure this will be the right medium for me. At the very least, I’ll have to take it slow.

Anybody else have a similar problem?

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If you put too much pressure on the any pencil it will pain you in the wrist and fingers. I suggest to put less pressure and build up the color.

Please post a picture of what you did here. I agree that pressure will definitely make your wrist ache. Since the picture did not show up, if you post it, maybe someone could give you a better critique.
ArtistLittleNora (Lenora)

Keep going. Your wrist will get stronger and you will not be bothered anymore. Also, work for under 1 hour at a time or at least take breaks to walk around or stretch. Good luck!!

Thanks. Yeah I just need to be mindful and not work away without stopping to check for soreness. I have finished the exercise on the red peppers, and what I’ve learned is that colored pencils take a lot of time and effort. And the end result was mediocre, though I learned some things along the way. The experience is food for thought.

I sympathise with you dnuttle, although my problem with using the prisma color pencils was completing the background. It was not my wrist that caused the problem, but my shoulder! It creaked and groaned all the way. I have decided that I will not use that method of coloring background! Instead I might use a water-colour wash at varying depth of value. Recently I checked out an Australian colour pencil artist who combines pen and ink background for context and colours his focus subject. His name is Chris Holland. I am hoping I might do something the same as I develop my interests.