Leo lion relaxing in the sun

I haven’t posted in a while. This one has been sat on my easel for nearly a year not quite finished, I’ve just not felt the inspiration to sit and draw. Well here’s the finished pastel, drawn on light
grey Clairefontaine pastel mat using a selection of pastel pencils. With thanks to my friend Paula Stribling wildlife photographer for allowing me her photo for reference. Deb


very good work, it has great detail keep up the good job

This an amazing picture. Was this done free handedly or was this traced somehow? Sorry to sound repetitive but for a piece of art work of this high quality I just have to know. How was this drawn…

Hi Daniel,
I use the grid method which you could say is a form of tracing to get the outline and to mark out eye placement. The rest is done free hand. Deb

Thankyou Jim for your comment. Deb

The grid method is not tracing in my opinion. Really good piece :pie: :spoon:of art work! I would have liked to have watched you draw this.

Wow. This is great. I love it .

You would have had to wait a long time. It’s been on and off for a year. I normally start with the left hand top side. I’m right handed. Ear first, eyes in next. Then start with the different colours as I work down the page, building up the layers as I go. It could still do with some more darks in but, I was starting to fiddle and faff so time to leave alone. Deb

Thankyou for your comment. Deb

Wow! Very Beautiful! Congratulations for finishing.:cherry_blossom:

Thank you Patty. Deb

I have never considered the grid method a form of tracing. You still have to draw if using that method. You are talented and should take credit for your abilities.

Thankyou Jody for your compliment. Deb

A beautiful rendition of a lion who looks like he is just watching others and maybe it was his pride.

Thankyou Lenora for your comment. Deb

This would look great in most galleries. Thanks for posting!

Thankyou Jack, one day it might happen. Deb