Miss Harriet Nibbles (Hare)

Drawn onto light grey Clairefontaine A4 size, using a selection of Faber Castell, Caran D’Ache pastel pencils. With thanks to Free ref.photo from Debbie Anne photograpy.


The hair on the hare is impressive :slight_smile: I like the colors in the grass as well, very nicely done!

The colours on the photograph of the grass etc. appealed to me, plus the hare itself.

I love it. Great job.

Thankyou so much. Deb

This an adorable subject so well executed.

Thankyou Pat for your loveky comment. Deb

Oh my! This is very impressive and realistic! Bravo!

Thankyou Anne, realism is what I aim for. It always helps when you have gooď references photos to work from.

Well done. I feel the hare thinking "one more nibble before I have to run " I also like that you put it at the edge of the grass and not in the grass. May all your colors be bright and the subjects of rainy scenes have umbrellas.

Oh, my! How beautiful! The fur is exceptional. :slight_smile:

Thankyou Michael for your lovely comment. The pastel drawing is all thanks to Debbie Anne, the photograpers time watching to capture the hares. Deb

Thankyou Ginny, the fur on the hares back caused me a few problems but, it turned out ok in the end. Deb

This is really impressive. Just enough detail in the grass and background to lend to the hare but not distract. The hare has beautiful detail and looks like it is about to jump away. Thank you for sharing your skills!

Thankyou Ken for your lovely comment. Deb

This is beautiful! Love your colors. Bunny looks very alive!

Thankyou Lori, credit has to go to the photograper on this one. I would guess she used a filter on the lens to create these colours, which drew me to draw the hare. Deb

This is beautiful. I really like how in focus the hare is in this picture. I am curious, approximately how long did it take for you to complete this picture.


Thankyou Mary, I’m not the fastest of drawers! I started this drawing in early July and finished begining of August. I draw for a few hours at a time when I have the house to myself. I have music on in the background, dog fast asleep on the sofa and husband out cycling. So in answer to your question about a month. It could be done in a few days but, that’s not how I work. :blush: Deb

Thank you. Your work looks like there was a decent amount of time spent and it is brilliant.