Lower Kananaskis Lake

Spent a day at the lake last weekend. Started with a pencil sketch on location and finished at home from my own photo reference. I was really happy with this sketch. I used many layers of colour, but stayed away from the blender pencil. Prismacolor coloured pencils in moleskin journal, approx 3.5" x 6" .


I haven’t ventured into colored pencils however this sketch makes me want to ‘jump in’ Thank you for sharing!!

Thank you. Matt’s lessons have been so helpful to me.

This is great. Very Well done.

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@dorothy.anne , it’s so pretty! At 3.5" x 6" those tress and rocks must be really tiny! :clap:

Thank you. I sharpened the pencils often! :grinning:
I like to draw small images, so they don’t take me long to finish, otherwise I get impatient.

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