Mountain Landscape, Elbow Falls, Alberta

5" x 8" Mountain landscape with prismacolor premier colored pencils, from a photo taken last year. The water and rock detail was so difficult, I took quite a bit of liberty there. And I spent so much time trying to get some details in the rocks, that I had no tooth left in the paper to add the greenery in the foreground.
Overall I am pretty happy with this piece, I feel like I am slowly improving on these landscapes, and more importantly, I just love doing them. I am really pleased with how the trees came out in this one. Weather was nice here in Calgary, so got to sit outdoors and complete it today.
Any comments for improvement are always welcome. I have included original photo for reference.


So beautiful.:heart: good job!

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Really great job! The detail in the rocks is incredible! :rock: :exploding_head: Also, nice photo! :wink: Thank you for sharing!

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