Wedge Pond- Kananaskis

Had an amazing day in the mountains with my daughter. She read while I sketched. Very peaceful to sit out and draw. (Tricky though as the sun moves around!) Prismacolor Pencils on drawing paper. 6" x 8" approx. Started at the pond for 2 hours and finished at home for another hour. I know I could probably add more layers of colour for a more intense look, but I think I like it like this. Plus I am always worried that if I continue I will ruin the piece.



Nice job for a plain air study. If you like it as it is that is what counts!!

If by chance you wanted to create a different effect without adding color, you could try some burnishing for a smoother color transition. In the end it is what you like and how you want it to look, not what we say or think. Like I said, you have done a real nice job.


Thank you Teri, I appreciate your feedback. I did burnish the sky and the water, but I worry about losing some of the texture if I burnish the mountains and the ground. I think I just have to try some of these things and stop worrying about “ruining” the artwork, so I can continue to learn.

Maybe if you used the same colors on the same type of paper and tried different ways to try varnishing, or layering colors, or even both before you try on your original piece of artwork. Then you will be able to see what you prefer.

It is not easy to explore when we are happy with what we have, and true like you said, sometimes we have to take a few steps of faith and go forward to see what happens on a piece of artwork.

If you make changes, I would enjoy seeing what you did.


Here is the image with the blending. I do like this one too. I used a blending stump, and also a cream coloured pencil to soften some of the colours. Which do you prefer?

Hi dorothy.anne
I really like the blended version. The colors are so vivid. I’ve never done any plein air art, so I admire your accomplishment. I’m just stuck, needing a photo and a LOT of time for the stuff I do.

Terri Robichon

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Hello Dorthy,

I like the blended version. What do you think? Which one do you like better?

I like the blended version myself. The far-off mountains with snow look exceptionally nice and the blending pulled the foreground together.

I keep wanting to do a plein air painting. Hopefully one of these days I will feel up to it!

Teri (alias Artsycrochet)

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