Machu Pichu (oil)

This is an oil painting on a black canvas. My question: Most of the lines between the stones are the actual canvas and I would prefer not going in with paint. So far the lines look crisp and I am worried about muddying the image. Has anyone done this before? Allow the black canvas to be the black color?


This is beautiful. I think using the black canvas was a good idea.

Excellent Work Jody! Great contrasts that make this art piece pop! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for such nice comments. Encouragement always has a positive outcome.

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Jody, I personally, like the effect. The lines are crisp and clean, yet allow the shape of the rocks to pop.

Love it! I think the black as the background make these stones stand out and is a good change from the thatched roof. I cannot think that you would want to change anything. I really like how you paint. Maybe one day I will get better, Working on another big canvas. 24" x 40" and I have painted over it 3 or 4 times. Finally, to cover tracing lines I ended up just doing a wash, just needs to do another wash and then I can start of the subject I hope I do it justice.

Lenora (ArtistLittleNora)

Liking the contrast between the stones, looks great!

the black of the canvas of your oil painting gives me the allusion that the rocks are very loose and that the wall and steps might at some point need to be restructured or just fall down. The colors are beautiful, the composition very nice. I just think that some hint of a cement between the rocks gives the idea of stablity of the hut. I like it very much, I don’t mean to be hard on it.

Thank you for your comments. I will see if I can incorporate your suggestions. Thanks