Milo in pastels

Dear Milo, who sadly passed over the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago aged 16 years. I’ve known his owner for more than 10 years walking Milo his dog whilst I have been walking mine. I heard the sad news by a dog walker who had taken some recent photos of Milo so asked her if I could use one of her photos to produce a pastel drawing to give to the owner.


Such as expressive face, I know your friend will miss him a lot. Our cat, Mr. Tux, passed away a month ago. We miss him a lot he was such a hard worker. I waited about 6 weeks before we rescued our JackRat/Rat Terrier mix. after losing our JRT from old age. to get another pet as we needed to grieve. We believe that she is definitely half-human. She has both me and my husband well-trained. Whoever ‘lost’ her must and spent a lot of time with her because she was totally trained at only 4-months old. The rescue vet said they figured she was about 4 months old, which is what our Vet told us.


What a lovely. Great job.

Thankyou Lenora. Deb

Thankyou Denise. Deb

I’m sure Milo’s owner will appreciate the kindness and lovely picture

Thankyou Akaren, Deb

Well done portrait. It looks like he will come out of that picture for a pet and a kiss. Thank you for sharing!

Thankyou Patricia. Deb