My cat’s eyes while visiting at veterinary

A study of my Baby Cat Smokey’s eyes. Smokey has been at veterinary clinic for about two weeks trying to heal from the skin layer incision from front limb amputation. His skin had been rejecting the stitches. He has staples now. Healing slowly but surely. I miss him so much.
He’s been wearing his cone for about six weeks now.


Poor baby – you and Smokey! I hope he is home very soon. He’s adorable, and you captured his essence perfectly in your drawing. Hugs!


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I will pray for your baby. I am sure the little baby will be okay

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You did a wonderful job with your kitty’s eyes. I too will pray that he will heal quickly.


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@Brenda, @Denise, @TLP…Thank you so much for your prayers, and your nice words. Very much appreciated!

Meme5 - Smokey’s eyes are amazing. Sorry I missed this earlier, but I wanted to let you know your artwork is looking soooooo good. Hope Smokey is doing okay and is back home again.

Terri Robichon

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i love this great you caught the moment

Awww - poor Smokey! What a wonder depiction of his eye. He is a special kitty and I wish him a speedy recover.