My first Realistic colored pencil drawing

Hey guys…am new to colored pencil drawing (am still learning)…Generally I love any art that has got more detail in it…So I tried this drawing seeing a animated movie poster from Disney Raya and the last dragon…I have used fabercastell polychromos…I managed to spend few hours daily and took 3 days to finish this…I finished earlier but could not post here immediately…I wanted to share now and would like to know your opinion about this art.


I love your interpretation of the original.Great job!


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This is fabulous. I love it

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Hi Patricia…Thanks for the compliment !!

Hi Denise…Thanks for the compliment…This is boosting me to do more art like this kind. :smiley:

I love it! Don’t know the original, but that doesn’t make any difference to me. I like the colors you used, but am missing a bit the depth, a picture can have. Well - it seems to be some kind of a fairy tale, so this shouldn’t be a problem after all.

Great job! And I know … colored pencils are time consuming but fun! Love to use them myself.

:slight_smile: Buddy

Hey Buddy …Thanks for sharing your opinion :grinning:

I love the colors. I think this is a great interpretation of the Disney character. Maybe a little darker in the shadows for depth. With such a bright light source the opposite sides of the characters might be in order. Just the same, it is a good representation.