My Sailboat Study

Here’s another study I loved doing…on the Sailboats



Very nicely done. I also enjoyed this one too.


Wow. This is fabulous. Good job.

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Hi Denise
Thank you!
I have to say, following these exercises and directions yields WAY better results then when I just try stuff on my own. But I view these early days as me just learning the alphabet. Eventually I may or may not be able to write like Shakespeare on my own, but for now—focus on learning the alphabet
Thanks again!



Hi Roberta -
I love it when others post their work from lessons that I haven’t done yet. I’m so glad that The Virtual Instructor has such a broad offering of lessons. It will take years to do all of these (but now I have to add this one to my list too). Thanks for posting. This is really nice.

Terri Robichon

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Very impressive. I too feel like I am learning as I go through the VI courses; there is a wealth of information in them. I did the three little birds course but with pastel pencils as I did not have colored pencils at the time. I’ve recently started a new bird called Nicobar and I am trying to incorporate all that I have learned thus far. It is most unusual. I’ll post it when I am finished…

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This is stunning :scream: The colors and water reflections are so pretty! Can’t wait to see more! :clap: :star_struck:

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