Nectarine coloured pencils & watercolours

This was done with polychromos pencils and some watercolour on hot pressed arches 300gsm. I just wanted to give this a try with what I’ve learned so far. I’m struggling with those main highlights. Finding it hard to get them less noticeable without losing them. Open to your suggestions on that or anything else you might notice. Thanks for looking.


Bonjour Marie! I think you did a great job and I feel that the highlights are just what they should be. If I had only one suggestion, it would be to review the placement of the cast shadow. It seems to me that the light source hits more from the center of the fruit, based on the highlights. Yet, the cast shadow suggests that the light source is coming from the left. Perhaps you could extend that cast shadow a little more to the back and deepen it there. Outside of that, I have no other comment except : Well Done!
Patricia (moi, je suis de Brossard).

It looks tasty! Well done, and thank YOU for sharing! :wink:

Oh thank you Patricia. I appreciate your feedback! My cast shadow is very tentative indeed. I figured I would keep it very light, in hopes that it wouldn’t draw attention away from the subject. I did try to establish my light source from the upper left. Maybe I got lost along the way?
I’m thinking of doing an open view of the fruit, with the pit. Good idea?

Cool Brossard! Ma sœur habite là!

Thank you for your kind comment! :grinning:

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You can just make the high lights a little less intense. But I think you did a great job.

Super talented. Love it!:heart:

Thank you Denise! I will try to knock them down a bit . :relaxed:

Aw, thanks so much! :relaxed::smiley:

I think that drawing the open fruit would be fun too. As for the original, if you observe the shadow on the photograph, you could simply try to intensify and lengthen the one in the drawing. I like the highlights in your drawing. Have fun!

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This is well done! The only thing I think might improve it would be the cast shadow also. It will help with the 3D effect. The nectarine itself doesn’t need any changes, it looks great. Doing an open fruit with the detail of the pit would be a good challenge. Thanks for sharing!

I feel I could reach out and grab the apple :grin::heart::+1:

Thank you, Ken! I appreciate your comments and encouragement!

:smiling_face: thank you so much!