New to soft pastel

I everyone,I’m from the uk and it’s my first time messaging and dont really know what am doing but here goes. I normally draw in graphite but have decided on a change and bought some soft pastel and pastel pencils so I have know idea about colouring or blending. Does Matt have a course for this like he does the graphite and charcoal please


Hello from Ireland!
There is indeed a pastel course. Also check out the live lessons and the Getting Sketchy on You Tube. Plenty of pastel lessons!

Yes. He shows blendng on all mediums.

I have found the you tube things thank you but where would I look for the blending things on the site(what’s it called) thank you

From the main homepage of the site, Scroll to the bottom past the “Popular Art Courses” and “Individual Art Lessons” there are a number of links

Hi chrisor. Welcome to the community forum.

The great thing about being a member of The Virtual Instructor is the variety of media that is taught. There is a LOT on pastels for all those who signed up for membership. Since YouTube and the community forum are open to everyone, I can’t tell from your post if you are a member or not, but membership is the way to go.

Once you are a member, select LESSONS. Then go to Painting Lessons, and under that select PASTELS. I’m sure you’ll find several options there to explore.

Terri Robichon

Hello Chrisor,

It looks like you have a lot of good advise her on soft pastels from other members.

Like Terri said, the membership is the way to go. The best decision I made.

Another way to learn about pastels is to watch the critiques. There are over 400 and many of them are in soft pastels over the years. I went back and watched every critique, and it was well worth it. These are also with the membership if you have one.

And as mentioned by another member the live lessons. There are live lessons back to 2013 recorded, but if you check out a live lesson (also with membership) you can ask all the questions you like to Matt and Ashley his friend who helps him.

I hope to see you on the site if you are a member and look forward to seeing some of your graphite drawings here until you get a handle on soft pastels.

Welcome to the Forum,


Thank you very much, am nearly 80 now am finding it difficult to find stuff as you can telli.