Oil pastel pencils?

Does anyone know of oil pastel pencils or pastel pencils that can be used with (over) oil pastels? I looked for like 3 hours without and result. Thanks

From what I could find, there are no “oil pastel pencils”. However, it seems that Oil based colored pencils (rather than wax based) can be used on top of Oil Pastels, but I don’t know first hand. Perhaps you could send that question directly to Matt? If you participate in the Gettin’ Sketchy on YouTube or the live lessons, you could ask your question then. You might want to read the following forum: Is there such thing as Oil Pastel Pencils? - WetCanvas: Online Living for Artists

Good luck.


Ok, thanks! I saw Matt use the mutipastel pencils by generals in a youtube oil pastel lesson. Has anyone heard of these or used them? I will be sure to ask Matt about this tomorrow. Thanks again.