Ol' Blue, a horse portrait

This is oils on 11x14 stretched canvas.

I love horse pictures. I’m not up close and personal, but what I see when I look at it, it looks like you started to put on eyelashes on his right eye, but not so much on his left eye. Taking that white piece of the mane and follow the eyeball and curve around to the eyelid to make it look like it is sitting more inside the lid. I think putting white eyelashes on each eye will correct this. When others look at it, they might be able to tell you how they would paint it and in more precise detail and make it far more able to be succinct than I can. I hope that helps but if you do not see I might just being a little more critical than I should be. You’ve done a great job. Keep posting your artwork. I enjoy looking at them.


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Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to look and make suggestions.