Our Regal Beagle

This is another attempt at capturing my wife’s beloved beagle - Shiloh. It is done with soft pastel sticks and Stabilo Soft Pastel pencils on Strathmore 400 9x12 pastel paper. I’m quite happy with this and my family says I definitely captured her well. My next step is to invest in better pastel paper as many have suggested since I feel I will enjoy doing more with pastels.


I love this. Your work is beautiful. I especially love his pose, it’s so endearing.

Thank you Rhonda. She loves to sit on the back of the sofa and look out the window. I got some good photos of her looking at my wife and did this from one of those pics. Beagles are great dogs and this one is exceptional.

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She is so cute, and yes, I think you captured her and her facial expression well! Can’t wait to see your next pastel piece! :smile:

Another great Job. Love it.

Wow - first of all the beagle is adorable and you did a fantastic job. I am also blown away by the detail of the shades in the background. Wonderful work.

Thank you! Seeing improvements always make me encouraged to keep going. I hope to have something worth posting in the future.

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Thank you! This one made me happy with the effort.

Thank you for your comment! I wasn’t sure if the background would detract or look off as I created it.