Outlander portrait

Anyone a fan of Outlander? Guess who?!
Graphite pencil and white Polychromos.


Awesome job! Is it Dugal?

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Thanks Lori. It is indeed! :grinning::+1: Awesome character played by Graham McTavish!

That is very good, James, although I would push the values quite a bit. The details are wonderful.

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Thanks Ginny. Yeah I possibly could have pushed them a bit more. It was just a study and I tend to get so far and then feel it is time to move on, onto something else. Might go back to it at some point, Thanks for your thoughts though! :grinning::+1:

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Pushed the values on this portrait a little more recently. Not sure it shows in the image, but definitely feel happier with it in the flesh. Please forgive angle of photo!