Gimli son of Gloin portrait

Here is a portrait I did last year. I started with Watercolour and then went into the detail using watercolour pencils. The character is Gimli son of Gloin from The Lord of the Rings of which I am a massive fan!


Here is a progress shot:


Hi James! I think you did a fantastic job with this portrait. I particularly like the fact you did this with watercolor and watercolor pencils. Great job! (From one huge fan of the Lord of the Ring series).


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Thanks Patricia! I have to admit Gimli’s helmet detail gave me a right headache! :crazy_face: Great character though! :grinning:

A few very quick sketches here that you might appreciate as a LOTR fan Patricia! :grinning: Again these were done last year, between 30-45mins each. Part of a 30day portrait challenge I took upon myself!


I love these. You are very good at this. I haven’t been producing much recently, but the attached photo shows my proudest achievement to date. It is based on a 1906 photograph of an Apache taken by Edward S. Curtis.

- It was really difficult to photograph (done on tan paper, in graphite and a little bit of white charcoal).


This is great. It is a great transgression that you did with this. I love the progress shot.

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Very nice. I love American Indian history, woodland and that of the Great Plains. I know what you mean, I have done a few tan or grey paper pieces recently and they always appear very flattened when I photograph them using my iPad, regardless of the light. To the point where they looked really bad. I definitely need to work at getting better photos of my work.

Thanks Denise. I like keeping photos of my work as I go. A nice record of a piece’s progress and I like putting them in one image together as well, showing how the layers increase its depth etc.

These are great I like doing this myself.

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I love how you did the designs on the helmet. Great work!

His face has a rugged ruddy appearance which goes along with his beard and the character of being a dwarf. And the detailed work with the beard and the braiding, his head armor(WOW), and the weave look of the clothing over the right shoulder must have taken hours! To me this looks very professional.

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Wow, thank you! :grinning: Took me about 45 hours I think from memory. Lots of layers and I kept deciding little parts needed more detail. Loved doing it though!

Lovely work! Portraits is one of my weakest subjects (the other is animal portraits), so I particularly appreciate the progress shots.

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No problem Biddy. I think it is most peoples to be honest. They do say that if you can master accurately representing portraits and figurative images of people then you can draw anything, because you have learnt all the skills of observation and rendering that you need! I personally want to do more from life, but in practice this is proving tricky, especially in the current climate!

Amazing! Glad to see a talented fellow fan😋

This turned out great! You really captured him well. I like seeing the progression too. Thanks for sharing!

Flipping awesome :grin::+1: nicely done