Painting a Man with Beard

I love painting beards. I found it quite challenging and fun at the same time. In this painting I have painted most part of the beard with a watercolor brush for its overall texture. Later I used a rigger for painting some of the individual strands of hairs. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Your suggestions and comments are welcome :blush:

Video is here :


Fabulous job. Love it.

Amazing!! I love it. It is so realistic

This is a very realistic piece with such a realistic face and beard in lots of detail. It works really well with the black background and not being centred. It’s truly impressive! The only minor addition may have been a little more detail in the hair where it meets the beard and face before it fades out but such a minor thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not good at acrylics to control
them + work with them smooth…
Do you work on canvas or Bristol Board /
wooden board?

The painting is excelent :clap: