Pastel pensil on pastel mat

My first in a planned series of childhood memories- pastel pensil on pastel mat
Constructive Criticism is welcome so is ideas of childhood memories to paint.


How beautiful. I love your pastel piece. Its so delicate and i really like the colours you have used.
You must be thrilled. Child hood memories are so precious :sparkling_heart:

Thank you very much for your kind words

Hi Heidi @Hlyseggen

This hand is lovely and clearly belongs to a very young child. The only suggestion I’d make is to work on the arm a little more. Remember it’s like a big cylinder, so there should be subtle highlights and then shading (darker values) as the arm curves away on the side. Your fingers are done really well, so just carry that technique into the arm. Hope this is helpful.

Terri Robichon

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Thanks for your comment and your tip it’s appreciated

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