Patience young grasshopper

Patience is definitely Key to good art and I have very little. But I’m working on it.
This grasshopper is a sketch not a finished drawing but I’m happy with it.
Staedtler pigment liner 0.1 and 0.3 in a Walmart sketch pad 9x12.


PS I used a Nayana (China) vinyl eraser to erase the pencil lines. It did ok but I went over it again with a pink pearl and it removed more graphite. I am a fool for supplies but most time the simplest and cheapest works just as well or better.

Well, it looks finished to me. Good job.

Actually defining to my own satisfaction what is a sketch verses what is a “finished” piece of art is quite evasive. It seems to be a personal opinion rather than a definitive state of being. This is a sketch to me because I am a beginner at ink and not yet comfortable with it or its possible techniques. Also, again in my opinion, it was done strictly for my own education and fun on lesser quality paper. Also I was not as deliberate or as patient doing it as I know am capable of.

It is certainly finished as I am through with it.

But for a piece to offer to sell or to hang on someone’s wall, I would use better paper, made it a little larger, been more deliberate and taken twice to ten times as long,

Maybe a finished piece is all about intent though.

Wonderful execution on this. Proportions, detail and posture are great! Thanks for sharing.


I like the addition of the shadow as it creates more realism. A very striking subject with nice touches and detail.

This is lovely. I love it Great job. Patience is a virtue.