Pen and ink shoe

Not very happy with it.


It looks good. I’ll try and find my attempt at it, yours is far better. It took me to get to the “Food” section before I got really ‘good’ and enjoyed doing the hatching on it. I made a total hash out of the ink bottle and shoe. I used Way too wide pen on those two (0.5mm and 1mm instead of 0.1mm as my finer ones dried out). Keep at it and you’ll improve.

Trying to compare to Matt’s outcome only depresses me, I just compare it to how it looks relative to other things I’ve drawn and if I look at it and say “Hey, that’s an old boot!” I figure I did it right. Thinking you’ll start doing hatching as well as a guy with decades of practice at it only frustrates.

The proportions are correct which is what I find the hardest, and you put far more fine hatching down than I did. I only drew it at about a 4"x6" size to reduce the load while going through that and the outcomes have suffered for it, been trying to get 2 on each page of a 9" x 12" sketch book. My favorite was the Fastnet Lighthouse if I had to pick, but it wouldn’t have turned out very good if it was the second one in the course - practice really makes a difference with pen and ink hatching.

Slowing down and trying to get the hatching curves “parallel” so they are evenly spaced helps a lot in the outcome and I kind of just slapped them on when I was at the shoe and didn’t pay attention to it. I’ve added more pencil of late to help me place the ink in the right spot, literally drawing the contour shading in graphite then going over those exact same lines in ink and that has helped with confidence knowing they’re in the right spot. So keep at it and you’ll really like it! You’ve started out at a far better level than I was able to at that time and I don’t think I could do one now that matches as good.

–ETA: I just found my boot and it’s too embarrassing to even post. Looks like a blind kindergartner did it. Though the eye, my most recent, turned out pretty good. Almost seems as two different people did them when comparing the hatching, so keep at it!

Thank you very much for your words. I really appreciate

Hi Wingman, I really like the drawing of the shoe. But wasn’t sure if it was a child’s shoe or an adult’s boot. This IMHO, but what I see that stands out to me is that the toe of the shoe looks turned in (toward the front of the drawing.

I think if you start at the tongue and draw a line following it to the toe (about 1/4th of the way out from the tongue to the actual toe and make the hash marks. Follow the line and then cross the hash marks already on the drawing, it would look more like a boot, or even a child’s shoe, in proportions that would be up to the person looking at it as whether it was intended to be an adult’s book or a child’s first walkers.

Either way, the dimensions are the same relative to size. I think the toe of the toe is just a tad too short, whether it is an adult’s boot or a child’s first walker. I took my drawing pen and drew it over the picture on my laptop, but I wish it would allow me to somehow show what I did. But, it doesn’t work that way and my suggestions probably won’t make sense, but I tried. I might start over, but I’d also not be upset if I ruined the original drawing. It’d be just another learning experience which is why we post our pictures for others to have their opinion of what they see if they were making changes. I hope that helps.

Hi Lilnora, thanks for your comments. I started drawing in september and i am trying to improve my drawings. Appreciate your advises a lot.

I just Finished all subjects in “Subjects in Pen and Ink” course. Looking back, I’ll post these for comparison on practicing… (except the last one, don’t look at that one)

All of the Nib/Dip pen images I completed with Dr Ph Martin’s Black Star Matte India Ink which is very good for allowing photos to be taken without flash bounce the way other India inks have a sheen or even a gloss when dry. The Technical Pens tend to have a satin sheen which bounces flash. Zig Super Black Cartoonist Ink is also matte if a fan of Zig products.

I’ll post my sad version of the boot here, it’s for educational purposes on how not to do it - Use A Smaller Point and don’t rush, done with 0.5mm and 1mm tech pens:

Here were the almost last two in the “Subjects in Pen and Ink” (over 25 pen & ink drawings later). Keep in mind my shoe was far worse than yours.

Top/Eye is all 0.05mm Pentel Pointliner and no rescue gel pen and bottom is Nikko G Nib dip pen and Ink Wash (Water 15 parts to 1 part ink for pale wash, then re-wash areas for darker, can go with 5:1 water/ink for pretty dark but it isn’t forgiving then, never wash/brush with full strength ink, makes big mess, stick with nibs for pure ink), also without gel rescue pen. I like the Ink Wash ones I did, the Koi fish turned out good as well. Need to see if I grabbed a photo of it.

The last drawing in the course, after these two, was the Matt Portrait and what I drew looks more like a sasquatch and so thinking on doing it over but I spent hours drawing each individual hair with the 0.01mm Maru/mapping nib. The White Gel Pen can often save from mistakes me a bit but not as far as I went (Pentel Milky Pop White is best I found for working more than 3 times a week apart - the rest dry out or have a cold white tint that is distracting).

Didn’t use this on either of the above but it saved me good with the Skull, Lighthouse, and almost the Matt portrait but went too far there…

And this one is just too far gone. Sorry Matt.

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I really like the detail in this peace.

I haven’t done this one yet but that is awesome :slight_smile: