Landscape pen and ink

Rocks and water tutorial pen and ink practice.
A bit more value near the water….


That looks Excellent! VERY Good! Mine I tired to cross hatch all the different rocks inline with their flat faces with different brightness values and ended up with an ugly mess. I need to re-do it as what I did is just too embarrassing, kept thinking the hatching would fall together and look good but it just kept getting worse. Did the water OK but not as simple and easily recognized as yours, I slapped in too much detail and thought I would get through the “ugly spot” in hatching but it just kept getting uglier, so I just made the ugly match and gave up.

I had a LOT more fun with the lighthouse (next in series, IIRC) and figured out how to depict it by looking up other photos of “Fastnet Lighthouse” to realize the middle of the island is the old lighthouse that is mostly torn down but converted to storage for the “new” lighthouse. So the middle is another round but black in the middle and I still don’t understand how they landed on the island and moved building blocks. The lighthouse was my favorite one to that point, I think overall favorite.

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The problem with mine is can not distinguish the rocks and the water very clearly. Don’t like mine at all. Sorry for my English , I am from Spain. Jeje…

Very well done. I love it.

Thank you very much Denise

I can see the difference clearly. I started with same kind of thing then ended up with an ugly scribble area of scribbles. I tried doing rocks horizontal first then that made it worse with the water pools going horizontal. It’s a difficult image to get the grey-scale from the rocks instead of their texture. I didn’t get anywhere near as close as you did so start a new one and try something different.

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Hello Wingman,

You did a really good job. Maybe what will help you like your drawing better is to darken the shadows around the water so that the water stands out more.

I am not a professional, just learning myself but have learned from all lessons the importance of value. I think this especially goes for pen and ink.

Your English is really good. You should hear my Spanish!!

Look forward to seeing more of your artwork. The live lesson is pen and ink if you get a chance to attend. They are really fun, and I have learned so much from the interaction in the chat and with Matt and Ashley.


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TLP many thanks for your advice. Yes, I have just put some more value near the water and replaced the photo for the new one.

Nice work @Wingman I look forward to seeing more of your artwork!


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