Rhode Island lighthouse

Graphite on paper.


Lovely. Really nice rendering of the rocks and water. I think you need an element in the negative space of the sky on the right side—perhaps just adding some more clouds or variation in the values there would help.

I’d also take a ruler and make the horizon line of the water really straight, as it is in life.


hey ttanner,
I’m pretty sure I know where you got the reference image and this is REALLY close! GJ. your sense of texture is awesome and I think you did the ocean particularly well!

welcome to the forum! and thanks for sharing this.

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Thank you. :pray:t3: I belong to a Facebook group that has free reference photos

Thanks. I was putting the birds over there then had a idiot moment. Lol.

This is wonderful. I like it very much.

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Great capture of the lighthouse!

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