Lighthouse on a cliff

Hi, I drew this lighthouse using both pen and graphite. I was not sure how to do the ocean in pen so that is one of the reasons I used both. I also was trying to make a few clouds in the distance and while blending…a tornado happened… How do I do ocean and clouds…both in graphite and pen?


Your question is a tough one, as I just did a graphite of two sail boats on a lake with their reflection in the water along with the reflection of the clouds and it was very difficult. I had to post it here and ask for help too. I did lots of erasing and redoing till it looked half way decent. Just a thought, maybe try making the ocean darker the further away it is and gradually lighten up till you reach the cliff then remove/erase some graphite in areas to indicate the waves/ ripples in the water. Good luck

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Thank you… I will try that.