Lighthouse in graphite

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Lovely @JeneyB! I think the most impressive part to me is how you captured the rain flying by! Incredible! Keep up the great work! :smile:

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This is beautiful! Love it.

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over i like it. I would be proud of it. In your future works I think you could put a bit more contrast in the light beam. Maybe capturing the rain you captured in the dark so well. The sky maybe some better blending not so defined or I’ve been experimenting with powder graphite you can create beautiful and dramatic skies with it. Either way great piece thanks for sharing

Wow - what a wonderful lightthouse. I agree with previous comment - the rain is awesome. Great shading

Thank you all for the input. I’ll try the powdered graphite for my next piece.

I took your advice on another drawing and used powdered graphite for the sky. It looked really nice until the graphite stuck to an unseen fingerprint on the paper :frowning: Do you have any advice on how to avoid this or how to remove it? I have tried washing my hands in advance, but that didn’t seem to work. Also, the fingerprint seems permanent and doesn’t erase. Any help would be amazing!

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Powder does have some annoying properties to it. The finger print I am not really sure how to address it sounds like it might have been oil from your finger. You may want to seek advice from other members, I’m sorry.

As far as smearing the powder. When laying powder down and then working the area I rest my hand on a piece of glassine paper. It’s very smooth and doesn’t seem to smear at all or I have not experienced that yet. I use to use a passer towel but it rough and for me it did smear. It was recommended to me to use glassine so I’ve been using that ever since.

I hope some of this helps, good luck