Pin and ink with watercolor was



Is this Portland? I stayed there a few times as a kid. Remember riding tricycles around and around. Beautiful job!

Beautiful job. I like everything about this. Makes me want to learn these mediums.

Thanks for sharing that with us; I’m just beginning to mix the two media and like seeing what others are doing in that way.

Hello Dee. I have cheated by googling a photo image of your lighthouse - I agree with the comments above “beautiful”. I like your use of watercolours as the sky and sea have a very soft quality about them. The style of painting is reminiscent of postcards from the 1950s and 60s before photographs took over. I do find the work contradictory, however. The focus is the lighthouse itself right in the centre of your picture plane; It and its surrounding buildings have a heaviness that should be (I think) supported more by your foreground which is intricately drawn and because of the vertical wash seems to make the whole lot float. Maybe the cliff could be extended further towards the sea at its base, and a greater depth of tone added along its lower reaches. The sea, too might make its way further around the headland. I trust my critique is not taken as critical and I hope it is a help. I sure would like to use watercolours the way you do. :pensive: