Here is my shoe

I hope you like it.


Amazing :star_struck: I love the texture on the front of the shoe, and those shoe strings look great! Wow, this must’ve been a challenge! Thank you for sharing!

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Certainly it was a challenge for me but it was worthwhile, many thanks

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Of course! Definitely worthwhile, the wrinkles in the fabric are awesome as well! :athletic_shoe:

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Looks great! I really like the detail of the lace and shading on the sides. It’s not overly smoothed out so the paper grain adds to the outcome instead of getting in the way.


Really like this drawing, you nailed the crunched down shoe. Keep up the good work. Loving forward to more of your drawings.

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I’m working on this now and am getting all tangled up on the looped and twisted shoelaces. I’ve got some shading done but now I need to do the shoelaces and and doing bad keeping track of lines in addition to the braid/weave texture of the laces at different brightness levels.

Hopefully mine comes out half as good as yours. I’ll try and remember to post it here, I’m doing a small version, only 4x6" which I guess is making it a bit more difficult as a thick pencil line is the width of a shoelace edge on.

Impressive work ! Almost as good as Matt’s version !
Doesn’t one of the shoelaces show a bit of the shoe behind it, as if it had some transparency ? Or is it just me ?

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Yes, it is the shoelace shadow. Thanks for your coments.

Again- looks so similar to my brothers style. Its great. The way you named this topic rocks, btw.

Just don’t look for shoelaces. I gave up on this one to start on the Pen and Ink Live Lesson. I’ll touch up the laces later, didn’t push the gray too far.

Width of shoe is ~ 5 Inches - made tiny drawing

–ETA: Now that it is 3x bigger on display, I’m seeing a ton of “Oh, I’ll smooth that out later” bits, just ignore those along with the laces. :smiley:

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