Pencil number ranges


I know the range starts with an HB pencil and the darker you want goes from 1B - up to 6B or more; then the H pencils go up from H1 to 6H or something like that. Does that mean the higher the number the lighter the lead on the “H” range? Also, where does the “F” pencil fall within that range?

Besides using a mechanical pencil, what is the best way to sharpen a regular pencil to make the point or side of the lead so it will stay sharp or if you lay it flat will last longer. My art instructor when taking art during my high school year always sharpened his with a single edge razor and the pencil wood would be a lot further back than if you sharpened it with a pencil sharpener. What is your preference?

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Hi Lenora!
Log in to Virtual Instructor.
From the Main menu, click the Magnifier glass and type “Graphite pencils”
The first result will show an image of a horse
The second one will be “Artist Graphite Drawing Pencils”
Click on that one and you will get the explanations you are looking for.