Preview of spring with duckling

There are no ducklings yet, because spring is still far away, but I longed for something to look forward to. Pastelmat, 11x16 cm. With soft pastel from Schmincke and pastelpencils from Caran d"Ache
Still struggling with the background and the balance with pencils/soft pastel sticks. The latter gives more brilliant colours.


Wonderful subject and, as usual, wonderful result! I love what you Albertine. I saw Matt’s critique of the cat. It is a gorgeous pastel. Please keep sharing with us. Thanks.


This is beautiful! Love it.

Oh I love your Duckling!The colors, the soft feathers, shiny ducking bill, it’s a beautiful work of art.

Thank you so much! Albertine

So good! I really like this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thank you, happy with your comments,
All the best, Albertine

Thank you for your compliment but also your comment. I will try to do what you suggest, Albertine