A Dormouse, who will be asleep now until april

This Dormouse is asleep from october until april. Right he is, with this grey weather in Holland. Made on pastelmat with Schmincke soft pastel sticks and pencils from Stabilo and Caran d"Ache the colors are with more contrast in real, maybe it is my computer that makes the colours more equal.


I thought it was a photograph :+1:

Thank you for the compliment

Albertine, this is so sweet.
I was excited to see your snowdrops on the member’s minute. Firstly, they are near and dear to my heart. Secondly, I have been hoping to acquire the skills to paint my own photo of my garden’s blue/purple Scillia under the same consistency of sparkly snow!
I hope to achieve this with my watercolors, but am delighted by your own effort with those pastels. I do not yet own pastels, as I am trying to learn the watercolour medium. I hope my effort looks as beautiful as yours! We Canadians get a lot of snow, so I am eager to work at it.

Dear Margaret,
Thank you for your comments. It really is a challenge to get the impression of sparkling snow. I am looking forward to see your work. The blue of the scilly will match perfectly with white snow and very hopefully. All the best, Albertine

I’ve found that posting subtle colors and strokes here can be challenging. But you’ve done a great job with blending your colors in a naturalistic way.

This is delightful.


Thank you, your compliment means a lot to me, Albertine