Mushroom in the gloom

Hello friends,

I thought I would share one my soft pastels. I have always loved the original photo of this mushroom and wanted to try it. After many hours (including four redos on the undercap of the mushroom) I finally called it sort of done.

There were many areas where I knew I would want to revisit, but I am fairly happy with it. I was thrilled to find out that Matt had picked this for a critique last week. I loved what he suggested and, if I build up the courage to try his suggestions, I will repost the new and improved version.

I just love working with soft pastels (this was done on sanded paper mostly with Rembrandt soft pastels, a couple dark Sennelier and a few small touches with Carbothello pencils).

Patricia. :blush:


Hi Patricia,

This is so nice. I saw this critique, and I love it when Matt has ideas and can actually show us in Photoshop. The texture on the log is sooo well done. Your colors are perfect. Whatever you do, leave it or render it, it’s a wonderful picture.


Hi Patricia, thank you so much for sharing this piece here. I really love this drawing. It feels as if a hobbit might poke his head out from the back of the mushroom. I love the fairy-tale atmosphere that this artwork brings about. I think your choice of colours, such a magical combination of colours, contributes a great deal to making this drawing something beyond realism. Also, congratulations on the appearance in the critique! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :tada: :cat:

Thank you so much Lori. I appreciate your comments. I am certainly going to continue with pastels and, I might revisit this one but if I don’t, I am still going to be happy with it.

Thank you Maki. I like your imagination and, as I get better, I would love to create some fantasy piece. Pastels are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. So back to the easel I go! :smiley:

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Love this! I haven’t had a chance to listen to Matt’s critique but this is amazing. I agree with Maki - there is a hobbit around somewhere!

Thank you so much for your comment. If I ever pick a similar subject, I just might add a hobbit somewhere. :smiley:

!!!wow!! So so good!! The moss is so detailed and alive!! Spot on! Its wonderful!

Thank you very much for your kind comment. I loved doing the moss.

Thank you June. I appreciate your comment. I was thrilled to have it critiqued, and I found Matt’s input truly helpful.

Beautiful!!! Lenora Andre

Thank you for your comment Lenora!


I remember the critique of this wonderful piece of artwork you created. It is still wonderfully done and like I mentioned in the comments, the log was my favorite part, I really am intrigued by logs with moss, etc.

Thanks for sharing it here so I could remember its beauty!


Thank you very much Teri. I must admit I haven’t been very active recently. That’s the curse of living in a colder climate area. Any “nice” day is a reason to do all the outdoor things we don’t get a chance to do when the weather changes… and I have been lazy as well. :laughing: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: