Prince of the Arabs

This beautiful Arab was drawn from a photograph by E. J. Lazenby fine art with her kind permission. Its is such a beautiful picture that I just had to draw it.
I have used Clairefontaine light grey pastlemat with a selection of Faber Castell, Derwent and Stabilo Carb-o-Thello pastel pencils.


Lovely! Soft! Regal! Good work. :heart_eyes:


Absolutely wonderful!

Thank you Matt,
praise from the virtual instructor is most welcome.

I feel like I could reach out and pet him! Great drawing. There is texture in this drawing that feels real.

Thank you for comment. Deb

WOW> this is a really nice work of art. Amazing detail and beautiful color.
thanks for sharing ,im inspired to try harder and create something this
good. tom

Thank you Tomee for you comment, it helps to have a fabulous photo to draw from. You can get the detail from it to produce a better drawing.

Thank You for your comment. Deb

Wow, that is stunning! I want to reach out and pet his soft nose…

Unbelievable work. The fur texture is life like. Amazed to see your painting skill.

Thank you for your comment. Deb

Thank you for your comment. It helps to have a quality photo to draw from In the first place

very nice! …So good that they let you use the photo…