Real Time Art Instruction - Cupcake

Looks excellent! Great liner

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Thank you, the liner was challenging for me. Actually the whole cupcake was more complex than it seems. Do you agree?

I do agree. And I did it along with Matt so had to take my “mistakes” in stride. I do tend to work to fast but enjoy having something to show for my 1.5 hour of work. Now the live lessons - I have to take my time!

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Wow, you do amazing! I cannot keep up with Matt, too fast for me. Next live lesson with pastels will be a challenge for triple sure, but I’m triple sure you’ll do great!

Hi Sonia - nice job on the cupcake, and as I’ve also found if I’m not happy with something, it is usually just because it needs more work.

I’ve never been able to draw along with Matt at the same time. How can anyone watch what he is doing and look at your own paper at the same time. Then if you add the chat box - gosh. Thats too much multi-tasking for me. I have found for me I like to watch the entire lesson. Then as I watch it in segments the second time, I watch a little, pause, draw on my own, watch a little more, pause again … repeat … repeat. It always takes me LOTS longer, but I feel less stressed doing it that way. And I just figure this is not a race. It takes as long as it takes.

Terri Robichon


Well, I finally finished my cupcake. I did not have Pastelmat paper so used some sanded paper I have. I only used the Rembrandt pastels, and the background was grey so it took a little turn in the outcome, but I am okay with it. I guess it is a little more impressionistic, but not even sure of that - lol!

It is a one of a kind cupcake!!!


I think it looks great! Mine had so many issues - I like yours better! Now we can draw this one. image0.jpeg


Looks amazing! The frosting is so smooth!

June, I look forward to doing this one too! Have you started the other project we have talked about yet?

Thank youI I appreciate the encouragement!!

Sonia, yours turned out yummy!!!


I have started my sketch…

I still need to start mine. I am almost done with the Acrylic Lymes. Will post them soon! Then I’ll start the painting. at least the first oneEmojiEmoji

I hope Matt uploads another Art-along this week.!!

Hi Teri -
It is so much fun to see everyone’s artwork. That cherry looks really shiny. Love the blue background too.

Terri Robichon

Those cookies sound amazing never used date sugar before .


They are. I use the date lady sugar and her website has other recipes. I also use the date sugar in other things like marinara sauce, etc. Here is a pic of the cookies.