Red headed woodpecker in Oil

I have been away from oil painting for almost 40 years and I finished this painting this morning. Some of the background feels a little too dark but I’m going to live with it for a while. In the interim, comments/suggestions always help. Thanks, Jody


wow I LOVE The color!
out of curiousity what is ruffling his feathers- is it wind?

I think somehow his position on the branch is a little wonky-
but it is really well done.

,and after all those years… too

I think the wind is raising his feathers. My neighbor is a wildlife photographer and she shares her photos with me. (Lucky me). Thanks for your review.

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Hi Jody! I think you are partially right about the background. While looking at it, I felt that the light colors below the bird and near the tail create a bit of a halo effect whereas the brown and green seem a little too intense or dark. I love the ruffling of the feathers (pretty sure it is a windy day). I assume that the bird has just grabbed the berry that is in his beak. I think that the belly of the bird against the branch gets a little confusing (not sure where the bird ends and the branch starts. Perhaps extending the yellowish feathers a little more over the branch would continue the forward position of the head (not sure I am explaining this well). This is a really nice painting. It is full of energy and movement, and translates the attitude of this type of bird very well. I like it a lot!

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This is fantastic! I love it!.

Great idea of adding some little whispies (sp) of feathers will differentiate from the branch. Great suggestions - - - thanks.

I think your background and subject are just dandy! There is still good contrast. Your “berries” are very realistic! Great job!

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I also waited about 40 years to start painting again. It is wonderful to have the time to create my art. Please feel free to pick up from where you left off. Life is for creating art and enjoying family and friend. Your piece of art is very interesting and well done especially when you have put it on hold for so many years. Wonderful job.

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