Red kitten playing

My husband created a website for me:
all my new pastels can be shown here, because of the Corona I have a lot of time and my favourite subjects are animals. There was also an article in a local newspaper, just look at my blog.
This kitten is with pastelmat and soft pastels and pastelpencils

I hope the colours on your screen are brighter then I see on my computer.
The kitten has more orange/red and the background is more green and purple


I see the oranges and reds, as well as the green and purple. I love this kitten! Thanks for sharing.

This is beautifully done.

Hi! This is a lovely website. Your animals are so sweet. The colors come through nicely on my Mac.

I see that you are 6 km from Amersfoort. I have family there and have spent 6 weeks there.
:slight_smile: m

HI Margaret,
thank you so much for your compliment. Yes, we live very close to Amersfoort, a wonderfull neighbourhood, we have so much nature and culture like musea here, and that for such a small country.
With a colour full greeting, Albertine

I honestly thought this was your photo reference at first! Great work! Thanks for posting this. You really captured the sweet curiosity of this little kitty… So cute.