Ronald Reagan Portrait

I found a book in my favorite used book store with lots of pics of Ronald Reagan. I have picked out several for portraits. Here is the first one. Charcoal on toned pastel paper, 12x16.


This is fantastic. You did a great job. Love it.

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I have never attempted a portrait. This is wonderful!

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Great job. He’s one of my favorite presidents.

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Give portraits a try. I love them. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Yes, he is one of my favorites, also.

Wow that is incredible :smiley::heart::+1: and there I am doing drawings of cottages :rofl::rofl:

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Like how well this flows. Good choice on the reference too. I‘ve looked for Reagan action photos, but was surprised how limited the pool seemed to be. JFK has some that might be fun too.