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Hi all
I was wondering what everyone here does if they ship their art, like what company (USPS, FedEx, UPS). I’ve sent two out so far by way of USPS and terrible is the best way to describe it. One needed up in another state before coming back here and the other took 3 weeks to go 30 miles, gets damaged to the point the “To” address can’t be seen and return to me do redraw again :frowning: That was also my favorite one that I’ve done
Sorry for the mini vent.

LOL! I would not trust the USPO for anything. They seem to figure out what might be breakable and throw it across the room If you put ‘fragile’ or ‘do not bend’ … what do they do, they either throw it across the room or fold it 4-ways out and back again. We have a mailbox out by the road and only if the regular mail carrier is working do I get something brought to the door. Others just cram it into the box, hoping that we can get it out. So far, we haven’t had anyone come take something out of the box that we know of. Between FedEx and UPS, (here) they are about the same. We live 1 mile down a dirt road and one thing is , if it is raining or has been, they will not come down the road. Even when it is passable. Because they had to pay for the towing, lose time getting a new vehicle, and transferring it to the new truck. They still have to deliver it. We’ve had them deliver packages as late as 9:30 pm. Or they take it back to the warehouse. For us, UPS is best because they will take it back to the nearest UPS store and we can just go and pick it up the next time we’re in town. UPS will repack something just to make sure that it is packed properly, too. I don’t know about FedEX. FedEX is on the other side of town, which is close to 50 miles from where we live. It is also almost impossible to insure it for enough. Takes time to paint or draw a picture in the first place and if you have worked on it for 100 hours … well, I am not interested in doing it over again. I took a portrait of a friend to him on the way to see our son and family … that way I did not have to worry about how to pack it up and make sure it did not get damaged. It was fairly big and I wanted him to get it and be pleased with it.

I’m sorry that you had to draw it over. I’ve only redone one scene so that two people in my family would not ‘fight’ over who got it and then my sister left it in the house when she walked out and got a divorce. One of my favorites, too. But, I did it over and it was totally different than the first one. This looked like it was taken at night on a rainy evening. I will have to ask if their children will contact him to take a picture of it if he still has it. I think one of my nieces got the other one.

Good luck next time.

Lenora - it is okay to vent.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah I’m not too happy about redrawing