Siberian Husky Pup

I’m about 70% happy with this drawing. I need practice with fur. Anyone know where I can get mechanical pencil lead refills that are 2B, 4B or 6B? Any tips on better fur in graphite?


What a sweet picture. I have no clue where to buy refills, i would probably do a search on line.

I can tell you how I draw fur, maybe it’s not the correct way, but it seems to work. I put in hair with an HB pencil, not putting much pressure with the pencil, then I “draw” hair over that using a mono zero eraser. When this is done, I use a soft brush and brush graphite back into erased areas and repeat several times until I am happy. This gives me a really nice thickness to the fur.
Maybe this can help, although your puppy looks nice already.

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Very cute. I am not good at hair and fur, but yours looks fine.

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Thank you, Ginny! Much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Logan. I think you might find some of Matt’s live lessons and blog posts on drawing fur and hair quite useful. If you do a search for fur or hair, you should find a few lessons that will help you.I love the puppy. The face, to me, is perfect and the eyes are very expressive. I like the proportions; it looks well balanced to me.

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I think is it adorable. I love it!

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Thank you very much Denise!

Nice work. The eyes have a challenging appearance-“don’t mess with me!” Cute.

It’s so so cute as puppies are especially husky.
I’ve done 2 dog’s and I’m on a 3rd one at the moment which have all been gifts for friends and practice for me.
Luckily they liked them and one I put up on Matt’s Members Minute for my 1st critique ever !!!
I was so nervous but he was lovely and I got some nice comments and he told me a couple of things to improve and all in all he like it.
So brings me next to this about your drawing, the eyes on your drawing are brilliant lovely and clear !!
I like the dark fur and I know the husky has white fur and quite a bit of it. I’ve seen some YouTube posts on how to draw white fur, which isn’t easy.not sure if Matt has done a tutorial on white fur, I’ll have to ask him.
You will be surprised of what you can do with white hair, my 1st dog portrait were 2 Collies and the white fur had grey highlights of fur I think…
It’s to make sure it looks like it’s fur & not just white, hopefully this makes sense…I apologise if I leave words out of can’t spell words although I have spell check on.
I have Fibromyalgia and one of the symptoms is brain fog, pretty dense one at that, which describes mine at the moment or pea soup I say lol.
Well done I think you did a great job, loving them eyes still, I was praised on my dog eyes & I was pleased really because after all they are the window to our souls.

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Thank you, Clecky. Does Matt do critiques? I didn’t know that. Also, thank you for the encouragement on my Husky puppy. I’ll keep you in prayer about your fibromyalgia. Hope you are doing better with it. :slightly_smiling_face::heart::slightly_smiling_face::heart: