Slow progress I think

Slow progress but just started shading. Trying something new and trying to use the pen techniques I’ve been learning… Not great at all so far and feel like I’m going backwards… but all great practice


This is going to be so nice, can’t wait to see the finished drawing.

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@Dannomiss89 Hello Dan,

We all feel the same way when starting a project. Pushing through we surprise ourselves with the final results.

You are off to a great start. Thanks for sharing and will watch for the completed version.


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You are off to a good start. I look forward to the finished work.

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Oh - I love the character of your house! Can’t wait to see the finished project

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Thank you so much. Check my new post with finished Drawing

Thank you. Appreciate that. I managed to take it slowly and see what the finished drawing could be. And got there. See my latest post of farm cottage :blush::+1:

Thank you. Appreciate that Denise :blush::heart: