Pen shading is tough


Second attempt at an eye in just black pen…

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What a great job you did. I love these.

I find ink to be the most difficult thing I’ve tried so far. After drawing the sneakers on live lesson, though, I feel I might want to try some more drawings and have purchased a set of colored inks. I have several pieces in progress right now, but you have encouraged me to try the inks once I finish off one or two of the in-progress work. You’re right, the shading is hard, but so satisfying when you back up and look at it. Keep going! You’ve got a great start! I l look forward to seeing more!


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Having fun with more pen drawing. Alphonso Dunn book is fab. Even just trying to copy drawings of his can teach you so much 😀♥️ simple hat in fountain pen and fineliner for eye!


Love these! I also enjoy pen and ink and play around with it alot.