Learning with the lizard man


I’m doing the lizard man in pen and ink exercise.

It’s been a big challenge. I managed the lizard head okay. But the suit! The suit! pulls hair and screams. I’m really struggling to get the fabric folds looking like fabric. I’m struggling to get the lighting at all.

And I don’t know what happened to his hands. But it was so awful! I drew a square over it so I can continue with the exercise.

I’m proud and frustrated and excited and depressed. But I am learning a lot. And that’s the point (I keep telling myself).


I see you figured out how to share your art in the forums! :smile: That’s the artistic life :sweat_smile: , the thing you’ve got to make sure to do, is keep going and trying! Never give up! I’m actually curious as to what the hand looked like :upside_down_face: Yes, keep learning, that’s actually part of what makes drawing SO much fun! Just don’t beat yourself up about it! You’ve got this! Jesus loves you!!!

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Never get frustrated or put yourself down. Keep at it and you will succeed. You are doing a great job. Give your self a lot of credit for that. I love this

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Thank you both. I will try to stay positive :blush::heart:

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Well, I’ve never done pen and ink art. So, what I see is incredible, and I love lizards! I’d love to see it finished.


Your emotional issues make it sound, to me, like you are a real artist. LOL! That is all normal. At least from my perspective. I think you are doing a great job. It is just an exercise. Take it easy on yourself and keep on truckin’.

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I could not get your picture to come up with details any larger, but maybe doing some cross hatching to get those darker shadows, but this coming from an artist who is very rusty on a lot of mediums. Maybe someone who works with pen and ink would be more helpful.

Lenora (lilnora - ArtistLittleNora.Mitchell@gmail.com)

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I had some personal upheavals so its been about a month since I’ve had a chance to work on Mr Lizard Man.

I decided to give his couch a go. It was a great challenge not to have the couch the same texture as his suit. And I found I prefer more squiggly lines than straight lines.

My beloved pen is on it’s last legs nib wise. So my lines have become fainter and fainter. This has been a challenge as I have to go over individual lines a lot more to make later lines consistent with earlier lines.

I added a lot more shadow than was done in the example illustration. I found that the couch looked a little flat compared to lizard man. And this was my attempt to build movement. Not sure if it worked.

I will have a look at the comments now and try to reply :blush:

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Thank you everyone for your positive comments that I am not alone in finding creating art an emotional journey.

I am trying to test myself with this piece to keep working at it even if it doesn’t look perfect. And it’s hard. But I a learning so much. :blush:

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Yes, you didn’t give up @Smiley500 ! The couch looks real good! Oh, yeah, it’s annoying when pens start to do that :upside_down_face: Can’t wait to see it fully finished! Jesus loves you!!!

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I watched this lesson series live and was so impressed with the detail Matt showed. You’ve done an incredible job and given me the courage to try it myself!

I’m sincerely considering giving it a go, as well. Pen and Ink is not my forte, though I really love the medium, so it will certainly be a challenge.