Clive/Clyde The Lizard Man from the Live Lesson

My poor eyes. My pens gave out towards the end and I have more on order and I might do a bit of enhancement when they arrive.

I lost some of my lines towards the bottom and I really should have found them again before going in with the pen - hence the wonky table legs. I thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into this series.


Jane - this looks great. I think we’re all our own worst critics.

Terri Robichon

Thanks Terri. I’ll take a proper look at it in daylight tomorrow.

I forgot to mention that this was on Canson Marker paper.

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This made me smile. Love the very urbane look to your lizard. They do have that air when they are sunning themselves. I hate running out of ink in the middles of a drawing! You never get back the same “feel”.

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This is awesome, Jane!! I’ve looked at this lesson several times, but I’ve not tried it yet. Maybe eventually. I think you did an amazing job. I know what you mean about your eyes. Mine got so blurry at times with the convex drawing that I just had to stop and recover for a while.

I do seem to be caught up with things now, so I hope to be around more.


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All those lines are EPIC! Seriously, the various directions and hatching to help the lizard stand out–BRILLIANT! :clap: :lizard:

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