Live Lessons- Convex Drawing

I’ve been working on my “grid” this morning. (the pic is a bit messy right now) I may have discovered a little tip, although architects would probably laugh at it as they probably use it all the time (!)…

I used a compass to draw my circle. Used a ruler to divide it into quarters. And used the compass again to mark "longitude " lines so that they would be evenly spaced at the top bottom and middle, using my 1/4 markings to determine that middle of the longitude. So… where i marked the top of a line, i measured with the compass how far that was to the middle vertical line where it crossed the circle, and used that setting to mark my other three marks around the circle. Then I connected the “dots”. Turn your paper 90 degrees and do the same.


Looking good! I haven’t started it yet. Just watching Ashley really made my brain hurt!!! :crazy_face:
Keep up the good work!

I’m going to try his method first, and if necessary, I’ll re-do with a compass.

I’m going to be really challenged on this one.


Great start. I can’t wait for the finish work.

Great! I was hoping that this would be covered. Can’t wait for the lesson to be uploaded. When I was doing the perspective lessons on 25 Days course I woke at 2am wondering about what 4 point perspective would be. I went back to sleep happy that it was a thing. It’s like the fisheye lens on a camera.

I’m so behind on my live lessons!
Here’s my little progress… so sad :disappointed:

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Hi Sonia -
I did do this live lesson, but have had to just skip over so many of them because I just don’t have the time.
Terri Robichon

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Okay, I have caught up with Ashley for the convex drawing. I have been working through the “25 days to better drawing” course as well. I will keep posting as we go, but I usually watch live then go back and draw. If I try to keep up, I usually feel rushed and may miss some detail or critical comments. I tend to zone out when drawing and focus on what I am doing. I cant wait to tackle this challenge.


Looks great to me! I loved the 25 days course. Gave me a lot of challenges, courage and it was the first art course I’d ever had!


I’m up to where we left off on Wednesday. I think it’s a bit wonky!!

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Looks good, Lenet! I usually watch live and then catch up once the lesson is posted. I cave under time pressure.

Looks good! If mine turns out, might have to try this technique with a cow? lol

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Everyone is off to a great start! I am really curious how our drawings are going to look! Such a different live lesson

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A distorted cow? A warped cow? That sounds very interesting.

I’m still worried about how distorted it should be and can I accomplish it? But I’m going to do it and learn a lot!!!

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Slowly but surely, maybe tomorrow I’ll catch up with convex drawing

Good for you! I am a little intimidated by this one. I will try it eventually, but want to watch more lessons first. I can’t watch them live, but catch up eventually. Good luck!

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I’m caught up except for the ceiling. However, I believe Ashley said he might rework the ceiling, so I’ll see what happens tomorrow


@kateblakeslee ,

I’m with you! I have not been able to go along with the live lessons. Just running here snd there slowed my art pace to almost a halt…:hot_face:

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Looks great. Can’t wait for tonight’s live lesson…Also getting sketchy is with oil pastels tonight! :star_struck:

Looking good. I’m having a hard time with this one. Mine is not looking like Ashley’s at all. I have not even attempted the ceiling!

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