Question about perspective (from "Secrets to drawing" 2 Point perspective)

The last few weeks I have been trying to make sense of perspective. Now I am doing the basic courses on TVI.

In this video Matt mentions we should not mix perspectives, but isn’t this, what he did with the streets? Also, IRL buildings are rarely parallel, what happens if I have a cube front on, and then some buildings that are scattered (I will try to add a sketch, I hope I can sketch this out)

Just when I thought I finally got it… My thoughts are: 2 point perspective for buildings that are at an angle, but if we spot sth up front, we use one VP. Am I wrong?

In my drawing the left building would not be parallel to the other buildings and technically I mixed 1 point and 2 point perspective, didn’t I?

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Very well done. Love it.

I appreciate your struggles with perspective. I can recommend the Great Courses college level course on drawing which spends hours on perspective. Probably not, but it felt like it. But when I got through with it, I have never been dismayed with perspective again. I have not looked at Matt’s curse on perspective, but his are usually so good that if you persevere I’m sure you will come OK in the end. If you extend the lines from the leftmost drawing back over the next one you will see where you went wrong. Good try!

Thank you I will try to do that